The Means for a Dua to be Answered By Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadi Al-Madkhali Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya ‘A man who, having journeyed far, is disheveled and dusty and who spreads out his hands to the sky [saying]: ‘O my Lord! O my Lord!’ – while his food is unlawful, his drink unlawful, and […]

The Foundation of the Dawa of the Messengers By Shaykh Allaama Rabia bin Hadi Al-Madkhalee Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya Shaykh Rabia bin Hadi Al-Madkhalee said: ‘Allaah – Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – sent all the Messengers -alayhim as-sallat wa sallam – to call the people to Tawheed, and that they should adhere to it. He […]

Salafeeyah & Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah السلفية و شيخ الاسلام ابن تيمية Compiled & Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya 1 – Salafeeyah is not exceeding the Qur’aan & the Sunnah Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah -Rahimullaah- said: واعلم أنه ليس في العقل الصريح ولا في شيء من النقل الصحيح ما يوجب مخالفة الطريق السلفية […]

Praying in a Masjid of the people of Bida QnA with Shaykh Fawad bin Saood al-Amri Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya Shaykh Fawad bin Saood al-Amri -HafidhuAllaah- said: ‘The scholars have stated that prayer behind the people of Bida is allowed from the Sharia as long as it is not a Bida which takes them out […]

A Collection of Beneficial Statements The Superior Salafi Manhaj By Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami ‘What makes the Salafi methodology excel and superior is that those who follow this way do not differ except in their manner, style and expression, this was due to their different time periods and circumstances, and this all goes back to […]